Childrens‘ Hospice Donation Box 

 August 3, 2018

By  Melanie

The new donation box of the Sternenbrücke e.V. (Children’s hospice in Hamburg) just arrived. 


Last year, we were able to earn almost 700, – EUR for the Sternenbrücke and the Familienhafen with charity events and other activities.

This is so special and worth mentioning, as we have contacted many hospices in the area, none wanted to be associated with us or accept donations from us.

At times, those responsible were almost disgusted by the idea of ​​charity events related to otherworldly contacts. Especially institutions that deal professionally with death should think about bringing people different views that might help the dying to go home.

Because for spiritualists (who practice spirit contacts for relatives in the church), there is no death, and we find evidence of it in every Divine Service. Thus, hospices in particular should present or offer all possible views and philosophies on death, dying and survival of one’s own death in order to be truly objective – even if it does not correspond to one’s own point of view.

Especially when we put into perspective, that in most countries Spiritualism is a registrated religion.

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